What is Forage Checkout?

Forage Checkout is an easy and secure way to add EBT payment processing to your existing checkout flow. In general, you direct your customer to the Forage Checkout page to capture payments. Forage redirects your customer back to your checkout flow after payment completion.

The main decision you need to make before integrating Forage Checkout is how to handle the processing of credit/debit payments. For most orders, some items aren't eligible for EBT payment (e.g. delivery fees), and therefore your solution must consider how to process credit/debit in conjunction with the EBT processing Forage provides. There are two possible integration types:

  1. Fully Hosted Checkout

    • Forage handles credit card processing, in addition to EBT processing, for your customers through our secure Checkout UI.
    • You have to provide Forage with limited-scope API keys to your credit processing TPP of choice. At the moment, Forage supports Stripe and Authorize.net for credit card processing, but additional integrations (e.g., Adyen, Braintree) are under active development. Please let us know which credit card processor you use so we can prepare the necessary integrations.
    • The key benefit of Fully Hosted Checkout is that you unload the resolution of potentially complex error scenarios onto Forage Checkout.
    • After setting up your merchant account on Forage's server, you only need to make a request to /api/sessions/ and redirect your user to Forage Checkout in order to start processing EBT payments.
    • Your access tokens will have hosted_checkout scope.
    • Recommended for merchants without a large development team, or who want to make the technical integration with Forage as fast as possible.
    • See Fully Hosted Checkout for more details
  2. Custom Checkout

    • Your application needs to handle credit card processing as well as a few other setup requests to Forage's backend.
    • Be aware that you need to handle potentially complex error scenarios if EBT payments fail (e.g. your customer does not have enough balance on their EBT card and must pay more with credit)
    • The key takeaway is that you need to redirect to Forage Checkout twice, once for balance check PIN entry and once for payment capture PIN entry.
    • Your access tokens will have pinpad_only scope.
    • Recommended for merchants or platforms with large development teams that want a more customized user experience.
    • See Custom Checkout for more details