Create a Custom Checkout Balance Check Flow

This endpoint is only accessible to "PIN Collection Only" integrations. If you are using a Fully Hosted Checkout then see the POST /api/sessions/ endpoint.

Use this endpoint to start a session on Forage's secure frontend to check the balance of an already-stored PaymentMethod. The payment_method must be of type ebt, otherwise you will receive a 400 error response.

When your customer is redirected to the redirect_url in the response from this endpoint, they will be presented with a secure PIN-pad.

If their PIN entry is successful, the customer will be redirected to the success_redirect_url you specify in your request. If the customer clicks the cancel button on Forage Checkout, they will be redirected to the cancel_redirect_url you specify in your request.

To view the balance of the EBT card after the customer is redirected to success_redirect_url, use the GET /api/payment_methods/{ref}/ endpoint, specifically the balance field of the response to that endpoint.

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