Order report

Returns list of Orders within a given time period. Succeeded Order results include the breakdown of the EBT Cardholder's payment selections
as well as the amount of taxes collected by Forage.


Clients can optionally filter on the status of the Order. If the status filter is succeeded, then the start_date and end_date filters will refer to the success_date of the order,
which is the date-time at which all of the payments attached to this Order processed successfully. If the status filter has any other value or is omitted,
then the start_date and end_date filters will refer to the created date and time.

Null Fields

If the status of an Order in the result set is not succeeded or failed, then certain fields will not be available, such as sales_tax_applied and
the actual amount(s) paid by the customer, snap_paid, ebt_cash_paid, and credit_debit_paid.


Of special interest in the response body is the sales_tax_applied field. Fully Hosted Checkout integrations delegate the calculation of taxes to
the Forage Checkout UI (because the actual payment selection by the customer impacts the amount of taxes collected). Custom Checkout integrations will
perform tax calculations outside of Forage Checkout. The only ways for Fully Hosted Checkout integrations and their finance teams to discover the amount
of taxes collected by Forage is by examining the receipt field of individual orders, or by using this endpoint.

Recall that taxes are not included in the eligbility amounts specified in the /api/sessions/ request for Fully Hosted Checkout. Therefore, the total amount paid
by the customer may exceed the amounts you pass into the sessions request, in particular if the product_list is non-empty and there are tax rates above zero. The
formula to keep in mind for this endpoint is,

snap_paid + ebt_cash_paid + credit_debit_paid = sales_tax_applied + snap_eligible_total + ebt_cash_eligible_total + ebt_ineligible_total

Therefore, if sales_tax_applied is nonzero, then some of the ebt_cash_paid or credit_debit_paid was used to cover taxes. snap_paid should never include taxes, per federal regulations.

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