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Platform Settlement


Platforms integrating with Forage may choose one of the two ways that Forage is able to settle funds. The first way is for Forage to settle all funds from a transaction directly into the Merchant's account and offer reporting endpoints so that the Platform can settle with each of their Merchants at a later date. This is the default settlement schema that would be followed unless specified otherwise. The second way is to use our Platform Settlement flow of funds.

Platform Settlement

In the Platform Settlement flow of funds, the Platform tells Forage their percentage fee for each transaction and Forage settles funds directly with the Merchant and the Platform. For example, if the Platform were to have three Merchants live, each day they would receive three deposits into their Forage bank account with their percentage cut of the settled transactions for each Merchant.


In order to use the Platform Settlement flow of funds, platforms simply need to pass in the platform_fee field when creating an Order (Custom or Fully Hosted integrations) or Payment (SDK integrations). At this time, Forage only supports percentage fee amounts. During settlement, the platform_fee is used to determine the percentage of net transaction proceeds to remit to the Platform, with the remaining amount remitted to the Merchant. Both the Platform and Merchant are required to open a bank account with Forage, which can be done on the Forage Dashboard.


Both Merchants and Platforms can use our transaction and payout based reporting endpoints for their own internal use. Each endpoint has a merchant_settlement_amount field and a platform_settlement_amount field corresponding to funds flowing to the Merchant and the Platform, respectively.