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Restrict Forms of Tender

Forage supports the processing of Credit/Debit, SNAP, and EBT Cash (more information on SNAP and EBT Cash can be found here). When a Merchant goes live, they gain certification for the processing of SNAP or SNAP and EBT Cash. They are then able to support a subset of those benefits in each checkout session.

There are a number of reasons why a merchant would want to customize the benefits supported in a given checkout session. A merchant may go live without supporting EBT Cash, they could elect to disable Credit/Debit processing in certain scenarios, or they could process transactions in multiple states, some of which support EBT Cash and some of which do not.

Customize supported benefits

Merchants can use the supported_benefits field in the sessions endpoint and orders endpoint to restrict the benefits for a given checkout session. Here are some common use cases,

  • To turn off Credit/Debit processing, pass in "supported_benefits": ["snap", "ebt_cash"]
  • To turn off EBT Cash, pass in "supported_benefits": ["snap", "non_ebt"]
  • To only support SNAP, pass in "supported_benefits": ["snap"].