A Custom integration embeds a UI component into your website or app that collects an EBT Card PIN to perform a balance check and/or process EBT SNAP and EBT Cash payments.

With a Custom integration, you use Forage for EBT only. You need to integrate a separate credit/debit card TPP, like Stripe, to process credit/debit payments and to handle split tender. You're also responsible for handling taxes and complex associated error scenarios independently of Forage.

Custom is the best integration type for merchants that want to use Forage for EBT payments while minimizing changes to their existing checkout flow.


An example EBT PIN collection component for a balance inquiry


An example EBT PIN collection component to authorize a payment

Built-in features

  • UI component for collecting an EBT Card PIN for a balance check or payment capture
  • Error handling for EBT-related failures
  • Customizable logo field


The logo is the only customizable part of the UI. To have complete control over the look and feel of the PIN collection experience, use one of the Forage SDKs.

How it works

Tokenize an EBT PAN (card number)

Check the balance of an EBT account

Capture a payment


In addition to the universal prerequisites for working with Forage, if you’re building a Custom integration, then you’re responsible for building the following features into your app:

  • Field for a customer to set EBT SNAP and EBT Cash amounts
  • Credit/debit card processing
  • Split tender
  • Sales tax calculation that exempts the SNAP tendered amount

Next steps