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Reuse Payment Methods

Reuse Payment Methods from your Credit/Debit TPP

Forage Checkout provides your customers the convenience of reusing saved payment methods from your existing TPP for credit and debit cards. If you want to take advantage of this feature, your application will need to provide Forage with a customer_id from your credit/debit TPP when you create a checkout session.

For Stripe integrations

  • Pass the ID of the Stripe Customer object in the customer_id field of the checkout session request.
  • Stripe Customer IDs start with “cus_”, for example cus_KlxCHRXkaueTnw.
  • Forage uses this request from Stripe to get the list of available cards.
  • If your customer adds a new card when using Forage Checkout, they will be given the option to save the card for future use, but are not required to do so.

For Authorize.net integrations

  • Pass the Authorize.net Customer Profile ID in the customer_id field of the checkout session request.
    • Note that Authorize.net’s naming is slightly confusing for these IDs. Ensure that you pass the “Customer Profile ID” (assigned by Authorize.net) to Forage and not the “Customer ID” (assigned by your application)
  • Authorize.net Customer Profile IDs are numeric strings, for example 904629269.
  • Forage uses this request to get the list of available payment methods. Forage will only display credit cards to your user and will never attempt to charge their bank account.
  • If your customer adds a new card when using Forage Checkout, the card will automatically be associated with their customer profile on Authorize.net.

Reuse EBT Payment Methods

Custom Checkout

In order to create a custom checkout session, you first had to create a PaymentMethod resource for the EBT card. The ref of the PaymentMethod is reusable in future checkouts. Therefore, you are welcome to save the Forage PaymentMethod reference in the wallet functionality of your application.

Fully Hosted Checkout

Fully Hosted Checkout integrations should inspect the Payment objects generated during their customer's Forage Checkout session. The payment_method field of each Payment object is the ref of either an EBT PaymentMethod or a credit/debit PaymentMethod. You can find the type of the card by further inspecting each PaymentMethod with a GET request.