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Fully Hosted

A Fully Hosted integration embeds a UI component into your website or app that processes EBT Card payments and split tender. All you have to do is send a POST request and add a redirect to your checkout page, and you’re ready to accept EBT payments.


  • UI components for collecting an EBT Card number and PIN
  • Field for a customer to set EBT SNAP/CashEBT amounts
  • Credit/debit card processing, via Stripe or Authorize.net
  • Split tender
  • Sales tax calculation that exempts the SNAP tendered amount
  • Messages displayed to the customer on EBT balance check and payment errors
  • Logo placement at checkout


Fully Hosted Checkout is a great choice if you have limited developer resources and/or want to accept EBT payments as fast as possible.

How it works


In addition to the universal prerequisites for working with Forage, if you’re building a Fully Hosted integration, then:

  • You need an account with a third-party payment service provider (TPP) like Stripe.
    • You need to share limited-scope API keys for your TPP with Forage, because Forage routes credit/debit payments to your TPP account. If you’re using a TPP other than Stripe or Authorize.net, then please let us know.

Next steps