Test EBT Cards

Forage SDKs include built-in EBT Card Number validation in both sandbox and production. This guide lists valid EBT test card numbers for developing against successful transactions and invalid EBT test card numbers for triggering exceptions.


Replace any XXXXXXs with numbers of your choice.

Valid EBT test card numbers

To exclusively test successful EBT transactions, use any 16-19 digit number starting with 9999, for example:



All sandbox test cards have $100 SNAP and $100 EBT Cash balances that reset at the end of each day. You can make purchases and refunds using these cards just as you would expect to in production.

Invalid EBT test card numbers

Use the EBT test card numbers in the following sections to trigger specific error scenarios:

Balance inquiry exceptions

Card numberTest case
5555555555555514Invalid card number
5555555555555554Expired card
654321XXXXXXXXXXReturns $0 for the EBT Cash balance on balance checks. These cards help you test the balance inquiry experience for customers from US states that don’t support EBT Cash.

Fully Hosted exceptions

Card numberTest case
3333333333333345EBT transaction succeeds, but the credit card fails to process during a split tender transaction.

Payment Capture exceptions

Card numberTest case
4444444444444443Lost/stolen card
4444444444444454Expired card
4444444444444451Insufficient funds
4444444444444455Invalid PIN
4444444444444462Card restricted due to fraud concern

SDK validation exceptions

Card numberTest case
1111111111111111Sets the EBT Card Number input validation state to false when entering a number to tokenize (Forage JS, Android, iOS). Use this EBT card number to test error handling event listeners.


Find more information on handling EBT errors with Forage in the reference documentation.