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Create a PaymentRefund


To keep your app secure, requests to create a PaymentRefund should only be generated on the server-side.


You must use Forage version 2024-01-08 or higher for this endpoint to return populated receipt data.

Earlier versions return the receipt value as null, so to retrieve the data you need to send GET requests to /payments/{payment_ref}/refunds/{refund_ref}/ until the status of the refund is succeeded.

A POST request to /payments/{payment_ref}/refunds/ tells Forage’s servers to refund an existing Payment object. Funds are refunded to the originally charged PaymentMethod.

On success, Forage automatically begins processing the refund, so this request has immediate financial side effects.

The API responds with a Forage PaymentRefund object that represents the transaction and an HTTP 201 status code.

HTTP 201

HTTP 201 is returned even if the refund attempt fails because Forage creates a PaymentRefund object to preserve a record of the refund regardless of the transaction outcome. To confirm that the outcome is a success, check that the status of the PaymentRefund is succeeded.

If the status is failed, then for Forage version 2024-01-08 or higher inspect the receipt.message field of the response for a description of the error. For earlier Forage versions, send a GET to /payments/{payment_ref}/refunds/ to retrieve updated receipt data.