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Create a Custom Balance Check Session


FNS requirements for balance inquiries

FNS prohibits balance inquiries on sites and apps that offer guest checkout. Do not use this endpoint if your customers can opt for guest checkout.

If guest checkout is not an option, then it's up to you whether or not to add a balance inquiry feature. No FNS regulations apply.

A POST request to /balance_sessions/ initiates a Session of the Custom Balance Check Forage UI.

Pass the Forage PaymentMethod ref, the hashed reference ID that represents the EBT Card, as the payment_method param in the request body.

The response payload represents the Custom Balance Check Session. The redirect_url value is the URL that launches the front-end, customer-facing Forage UI. Point a customer to this URL to enter their PIN to perform a secure balance inquiry.

If PIN entry is successful, then Forage points the customer to the success_redirect_url specified in the request body. Forage directs them to the cancel_redirect_url if they cancel the balance inquiry via the Forage UI.

How to retrieve a customer's EBT Card balance

After a customer completes the Forage UI and is pointed to your success_redirect_url, send a GET to /api/payment_methods/{payment_method_ref}/ and inspect the balance field of the response to retrieve their EBT Card balance.