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Forage Elements

An EBT Element is a secure Forage-hosted, client-side entity that accepts and submits customer input for an EBT checkout operation.

There is a different EBT Element for each checkout operation:

EBT Element lifecycle


Before you can create an EBT Element, you need a Forage instance.

Step 1: Create the EBT Element

const tokenizeCardElement = forage.create('tokenize_card')

Step 2: Attach the EBT Element to the DOM



If you’re building in React, then mount the EBT Element in the component that renders the element’s parent container.

Step 3: Destroy the EBT Element


EBT Element methods

You can call the following methods on an EBT Element:

EBT Element events

You can listen for the following events on an EBT Element: