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Create a Custom Payment Capture Session

A POST request to /capture_sessions/ initiates a Session of the Forage Custom Payment Capture UI.

The response payload represents the Custom Payment Capture Session. The ref and redirect_url fields are the most important:

  • ref represents the Order
  • redirect_url is the URL that launches the front-end, customer-facing Forage UI
    • Point customers to this URL to enter their PIN to complete checkout

If PIN entry is successful, then Forage points the customer to the success_redirect_url specified in the request body. Forage directs the customer to the cancel_redirect_url if they cancel the balance inquiry from the Forage UI.

To check the status of an Order after the customer completes the Forage UI, send a GET to /orders/{order_ref}/.

Pass customer_id in the request to Create a Capture Session

customer_id helps Forage's servers more quickly identify and associate the correct customer with the Session. While customer_id is not technically a required parameter, if you omit it then the request to create the Session could take longer to process. It is strongly recommended to pass customer_id.

Each customer should only have one unique customer_id. For example, if you create both a Capture Session and a PaymentMethod for the same customer, then the customer_id should be the same in both requests.