Create a Custom Payment Capture Session

This endpoint is only relevant to Custom integrations.

If you’re building with an SDK or using the Fully Hosted Forage Checkout UI, then consult the Payments API introduction for a list of resources by integration type.

A POST request to /capture_sessions/ initiates a Session of the Custom Payment Capture Forage Checkout UI. On success, the API creates a Forage Order.

The response payload represents the Custom Payment Capture Session. The ref and redirect_url fields are the most important:

  • ref represents the Order
  • redirect_url is the URL that launches the front-end, customer-facing Forage UI
    • Point customers to this URL to enter their PIN to complete checkout

If PIN entry is successful, then Forage points the customer to the success_redirect_url specified in the request body. Forage directs the customer to the cancel_redirect_url if they cancel the balance inquiry from the Forage UI.

To check the status of an Order after the customer completes the Forage UI, send a GET to /orders/{order_ref}/.

Pass the total eligible benefit amounts in the snap_total and ebt_cash_total body params.

A customer might apply less than the total eligible amount of benefits to the OrderRetrieve the Order outcome and inspect the receipt field to confirm the final spending breakdown across payment types.

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