This endpoint is only relevant to Fully Hosted and Custom integrations.

If you’re building with a Forage SDK, then use the Payments endpoints.

Learn more about the high-level phases of an SDK integration in the Forage JS Quickstart, or check out the Payments API introduction for a list of resources by integration type.

Creates a new payment object and associates it with the referenced order.

A Payment is a one time charge to a previously created PaymentMethod. Payment objects are the way that you associate PaymentMethods and Orders, and they let Forage's server know how much you want to charge to each PaymentMethod.

Note that the PaymentMethod will not be charged until the order is submitted for capture.

Additionally, you should not create two Payments on the same order with the same payment_method field, otherwise you will get a 400 response. If you need to increase the charge to a PaymentMethod already associated with this Order, then update the existing Payment object instead of creating a new one.

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