Initialize Forage JS


Forage(ForageConfig) creates a Forage instance. A Forage instance interacts with the Forage server. You need a Forage instance before you can create an EBT Element and perform EBT checkout operations.

The constructor requires a ForageConfig object as its only parameter.

ForageConfig fields



stringA seven digit numeric string that FNS issues to authorized EBT merchants.


stringThe session token that your backend generates to authenticate your app against the Forage Payments API. The token expires after 15 minutes.
appearance?objectA set of global styles that is applied to every EBT Element. Supported values include:

* variables (parent key):
- borderRadius
- boxShadow
- colorBackground
- colorPlaceholderText
- colorText
- fontFamily
- fontLineHeight
- fontSizeBase
- fontWeightNormal
- padding


Since session tokens expire after 15 minutes, you can use authentication tokens to simplify your development experience

Authentication tokens should only be used on the client side during testing and development.

Example: Create a Forage instance

const forage = Forage({
  fnsNumber: '1234567',
  appearance: {
    variables: {
      borderRadius: '8px'